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Gas Reciprocating Air Compressor w/ Generator

Get Rugged Air and AC Power in a Single Transportable Unit

Rugged, dependable, and easily transportable, the Vanair’s Contractor provides you with 20 CFM of air power and 5 kW of peak AC generator power for all your tough jobsite needs. Available with a control panel on the unit with two outlets or a remote mountable control panel for easy access.




Engine: 14 HP Kohler or
19 HP Kohler
Compressor Type: Reciprocating
Generator Wattage: 4.2 kW Contiuous 120V/240V
Max Pressure PSI: 150 PSI
CFM Rating: 20 CFM
Air Storage Capacity: 10 Gal., 30 Gal., or Skid
Drive System: Dual V-Belt
Fuel Capacity: Kohler® 14 1.9 Gal.
Kohler® 19 4.5 or 11
Kohler 14 HP

Unit Dimensions (In.):
51L x 21W x 28H – 10 Gal. Kohler® 14 HP
51L x 20W x 38H – 30 Gal. Kohler® 14 HP
51L x 19W x 22H – Skid Mount Kohler® 14 HP
49L x 22W x 41H – 30 Gal. Kohler® 19 HP
48L x 20W x 25H – Skid Mount Kohler® 19 HP
Dry Weight (Lbs.): 425-550 Depending on Platform

Dimensions listed are not a complete representation of total space necessary.  Please consult Vanair for overall space and air requirements.

Product improvement is a continuing goal. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligations.

Special Features

  • Auto Throttle Control on Air Compressor
  • Reliable and Easy Starting Kohler® Engines
  • Drive System Heavy Duty Belt Drive System for Anti-Vibration and Long Service Intervals
  • Totally Self Contained, but can be Integrated with the Chassis for Maximum Versatility
  • Integrated Lift Hook and Battery Tray
  • Designed for Easy Maintenance and Fuel Efficiency
  • Powder Coated Sheet Metal
  • Galvannealed Steel
  • Reciprocating Compressor
  • 20 CFM
  • 150 PSI Maximum
  • Cast Iron Air Pump With (3 Cylinder Head Design For Better Cooling)
  • 4.2 kW Continuous @ 60 Hz
  • Independent AC Power for Safe Multi-Functioning
  • Brushless
  • Smooth Wave Power with Minimal Distortion
  • 14 HP Kohler® or 19 HP Kohler®
  • Electric Start
  • 1.9, 4.5 or 11 Gal. Fuel Tank
  • Provides Ultimate user Convenience and Safety
  • All Functions Accessible at Remote Panel. No Need to Jump in and out of Vehicle to Control Function.
  • 10 Gallon, 30 Gallon or Remote Tank

Options/ Accessories

  • Remote Condensation Drain
  • Cold Weather Kit
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Remote Mount Control Panel (Kohler® 19 Only)
  • Electric Fuel Pump (Kohler® 19 Only)
  • Slimline 11 Gal. Fuel Tank (Kohler® 19 Only)
  • Remote Air Tank Options
  • Dry Cell Battery
  • Hose Reels
  • GFCI Outlet for Protection of 120V/240V


Part Description Part Number
Compressor Service Kit, Contractor – (Includes 3 Air Filters & Vanguard™ Recip. Oil) KIT1168
Engine Service Kit, Kohler 11 HP & 14 HP (Includes 1 Qt Oil, Air Filter, Pre-Filter) KIT1290
Engine Service Kit, Kohler 19 HP (Includes 2 Qt Oil, Air Filter, Pre-Filter) KIT1289
Air Reservoir Tank – 28 Gal. (Underdeck mounted tank with mounting brackets)* 032707
Air Reservoir Tank – 30 Gal.* OA49645